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Frequently Asked Questions

Fleming Tax has a different approach to tax returns. From our process receiving information from you, to the tax planning that we do. We are continuously hungry for more strategies to help our clients maximize their tax savings and minimize the impact that taxes have on their lives. Taxes are most peoples’ number one expense over their lives, and few take proactive steps to minimize that cost, but we do.

Many years ago we looked at ourselves, and the industry as a whole and asked, what makes us better than the national retail box stores or online solutions. If we aren’t giving you advice, or making this experience better for you, we don’t bring value. It is our expectation that you feel like hiring us is one of your best investments.

You will spend an hour with one of our high quality tax planners/preparers. In that hour you will provide your tax documents to your preparer, they will enter that information into our software and will ask you questions to gain a greater understanding of your unique tax situation, and determine how to prepare the tax return to most benefit you. During that hour, you will have full access to your preparer to ask any questions or thoughts you have. Once that one-hour appointment is over the majority of clients will walk out with a completed tax return.

After you receive your beautiful blue tax folder, another preparer will review the return for accuracy and once it is approved, your tax return will be e-filed with the IRS and each of the states involved.

That’s right, you walk in, spend an hour with Fleming Tax, get your questions answered and walk out with your taxes DONE! Tired of dropping off your return with a receptionist and wondering when, or if, you will get a call back about your taxes? Yeah, we like our way too.

Other items to note: Payment of fees is due at the time of service and while we do accept walk ins, it will be based on the availability of the preparers. Clients with appointments will get priority.

Tax planning involves strategizing to legally minimize your tax liabilities, while tax preparation focuses on the actual filing of tax returns to ensure compliance. We offer both services to help you achieve optimal financial outcomes.

Ideally, tax planning should begin at the start of the year to maximize potential savings. However, it’s never too late to benefit from tax planning strategies, even as the year progresses.

We specialize in tax services for both individuals and businesses, tailoring our expertise to meet your unique tax needs.

Small business owners can benefit from various tax-saving strategies, such as choosing the right entity structure, deductions, credits, and retirement plans. Our experts can guide you through these options.

There is no black and white answer to this question. The IRS has three guidelines to answer the question; is it ordinary, is it reasonable, and is it necessary? Basically, can you give me a business reason for that expense that makes sense.

Going on a date with your hunny? Not deductible.

Going on a romantic candlelit business meeting with your business consultant? Absolutely deductible.

It’s all about the lens we look at our expenditures with.

The documents you will need vary depending on your situation but typically include W-2s, 1099s, business financials and investment statements. If you are meeting us for the first time, a copy of the last filed return that you have will also be needed.

Yes, cryptocurrency transactions will have tax consequences. We specialize in cryptocurrency taxation and can help you navigate this complex area to ensure compliance and minimize tax liabilities.

Feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions or to schedule a consultation.

We’re here to help you with all your tax planning and tax preparation needs.