Tax Service Pricing

Tax Service Pricing

This is to be used as a tool to help you estimate our fee for your tax return.  This is not an exhaustive list and should only be relied upon as an estimated cost of service. Our fees are based on the forms that are required, or benefit you to file. We only prepare forms that are in your best interest. The greater the number of forms and complexity, the greater the price and value that we provide

Common Tax Forms and Prices:

Our base fee of $375 includes the Schedule A if used and the first State Return. Additional states priced at $85 each.

#FormPrice Per FormDescriptionPrice Per Item
11040$375Personal Income Tax ReturnN/A
2Schedule 1$10Additional Income and AdjustmentsN/A
3Schedule 2$10Additional TaxesN/A
4Schedule 3$10Additional Credits and PaymentsN/A
5Schedule AIncludedItemized DeductionsN/A
6Schedule B$15Interests and Dividends$3
7Schedule C$85Additional Credits and Payments$2
8Schedule D$40Capital Gains and LossesN/A
9Schedule E$0Income and Expenses from Rentals & Royalties$45
10Schedule F$85Profit and Loss from Farming$2
11Schedule SE$30Self Employment TaxN/A
12Form 4797$50Sales of Business Property$0
13Form 2555$250Foreign Earned Income ExclusionN/A
14Form 8839$125Qualified Adoption ExpensesN/A
15Form 8863$40Education CreditsN/A
16Form 8824$100Like Kind ExchangesN/A
17Form 4652$25Depreciation and Amortization$3
18Form 8867$30Paid Preparer’s Due Diligence ChecklistN/A

Business (1120/1120S/1065) Tax Prep Fees and Other Services

Additional Corporate Services and Fees:

#ServicePrice Per ServiceAdditional Fees
1Corporate Tax Prep/Return$2,100N/A
2Monthly Bookkeeping $350/month (Minimum)Additional Fees for Added Complexity
3S Corp Election $250 $200 Initial Payroll Set Up
4New Business Consult$250/hour (Half Credited against Tax Prep Fee Cost) Minimum 1 HourN/A
41099 Prep$175 (Includes 5 1099’s)$5 For Each Additional 1099